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New service point at Trois-Rivières specializing in aerial equipment


To better serve its customers in the Mauricie region, LOU-TEC now has a mechanical workshop to meet the many demands in this sector. Staffed by an experienced and qualified team, this new center ensures rapid equipment inspections and repairs, in line with the company’s mission to serve more customers every day.

Trois-Rivières, a dynamic urban center, offers numerous opportunities thanks to its strategic location between Quebec City and Montreal. LOU-TEC is firmly established on the outskirts, notably in Drummondville, and will now be able to meet the needs of the many construction and infrastructure projects in this key area.  With this new point of service, LOU-TEC confirms its commitment to customer satisfaction and its ambition to grow in this promising region.

Accompanying contractors in their construction projects, LOU-TEC has been helping to build Quebec for over 45 years. LOU-TEC offers a fully corporate business model with a uniform organizational structure and personalized customer service in each of its 27 places of business in Quebec and Ontario. LOU-TEC has the largest fleet of aerial and handling equipment in the industry in Quebec, with over 7,800 pieces of heavy machinery, and offers more than 1,000 different categories of equipment.

Contact us at 1 819 801-1642 for your jobsites around Trois-Rivières and benefit from our specialists’ valuable advice and the industry’s largest selection of aerial equipment.