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LOU-TEC successfully organizes its second Leucan Shaved Head Challenge


On June 13, the LOU-TEC family once again demonstrated its commitment to the cause of children with cancer by organizing its second Leucan Shaved Head Challenge (Proxim). This moving event brought together the entire team to encourage their 7 colleagues who decided to shave their hair in support of sick children and their families.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and the commitment of participants, LOU-TEC’s 2024 fundraiser reached the impressive sum of $25,284. This significant amount enabled LOU-TEC to once again receive Leucan’s mention of leader, an honor that underscores ongoing support and great dedication to this noble cause.

This year’s event was not only a success in terms of fundraising, but also served to reinforce solidarity and community spirit among LOU-TEC employees in the various branches. By coming together for this cause, the company showed that every gesture counts, and that there’s strength in unity when it comes to challenges as important as the fight against childhood cancer.


To see the video recap of the event, click here