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Lou-Tec is a unique network in Canada. Our mission is to offer the best service and a full range of quality and safer products for the rental of heavy machinery, equipment and tools through a network of 80 affiliated and corporate stores that are performing and leaders in their markets.

As part of its development plan, Lou-Tec research contractors who are willing to invest in their business. If you have management skills and are interested in the rental market of equipment and tools, please contact us at (514) 356-0047 or by email at .

By joining the Lou-Tec banner, here is the range of services that you will get access to:

  • More than 35 years of experience and reputation in the rental field technical and operational support from our consultants
  • Purchasing power and supply strategies
  • Marketing studies
  • Financial and operational metrics “Benchmarking”
  • Training program
  • Personalized development plan
  • Strategic planning and operating budget
  • Uniform corporate image
  • Marketing Program (electronic and print)
  • Website
  • Commercial and group insurance programs
  • Etc.

Entrepreneurial culture, innovation, service and solidarity are values ​​that led to the Lou-Tec success. If you share the same values ​​and the rental challenge interests you, contact us.